Not sure if you heard, but Ian Desmond made a few errors this year. Thankfully, more were at the beginning than at the end of the year, so those who see him as a key player on this team in the future can hold on to that.I’ve spent a good amount of time defending his defense, as it were, but the errors were there. So I thought it might be nice to show what his season, game by game, looked like based on errors. Here’s a few charts:

The first one is the errors over the course of the season, cumulatively

Then of course, you can look at his errors each day of the season. The highest he had was 3, but you can see an astounding 5 games where he made more than 1 error. That’s not a small number.

This one I really like for some reason. It’s a clockwise chart, with day 1 of the season at 12:00 and the final day at 11:59, showing again his cumulative total number of errors.

By Charlie