I’m leaving for a cross (half) country drive tomorrow morning, so I won’t be updating the site until at least next Thursday, if not longer. I might update the Twitter a bit, but no computer means no blogging.

I expect when I get back, Bryce Harper will be signed. I’d be pretty surprised if he wasn’t. There will be alot of flipping out leading up to the Monday night deadline, but I won’t be the one doing it. My advice is to ignore most news on the subject until an official announcement. Anything else is pure speculation.

Marquis goes on Saturday, so I don’t expect to be missing too much by not being able to hear that one. I have no problem skipping down during his start.

Strasburg starts on Sunday, unfortunately I’ll be driving through Alabama at the time, and for some reason I don’t expect to hear that game on the radio. But it will be interesting, even for a Strasburg start, because we get to see how he comes back after his first real tough appearance in the majors.

Tuesday we’ll see again what Scott Olsen can do. It’s another attempt at a recovery, although this is more of a recovery from the DL. He’s had 1 good game out of 3, and the last one was atrocious. He has such a great beginning to the season, it’d be a shame to see him finish off poorly.

The focus, though, will be on Harper. He’ll sign, I’m pretty sure. Try not to get too worked up over the weekend, because he’s got until midnight on Monday, and that’s probably about when it’ll happen.

By Charlie