I don’t normally write news update style posts, but for the 4 seasons I’ve been writing this blog, two things have been constant. The first is the presence of Cristian Guzman on the roster, and the second is my insistence that the team get rid of him. Well, they finally did it, today they traded him to the Rangers, and I feel like celebrating! It’s nothing against Cristian, who I am sure is a great person, but he was always symbolic of a flawed organization to me, moreso than Jim Bowden or anyone else. His departure ends the Guzman era in DC, and hopefully ushers in a new era of winning, be it the Zim era, the Strasburg era or whatever.

What did they get for him? Don’t know! How much salary are they picking up? Don’t care! I’m just overly excited about a relatively unimportant move leading up to the 2010 trade deadline. Can you understand why, and humor me!

By Charlie