Sure it’s cheap, but the Nats didn’t have a game last night, and I did a TON of research for yesterday’s post. So everyone deserves a cheapy now and then…

Tim Kurkjian discusses the much-improved Nats bullpen, and he mentions some really interesting facts. Can you believe they had 10 saves on April 28th this year, and didn’t get there until June 17th last year? But, to me, he misses something. He credits the turnaround to Capps, who has a 0.68 ERA and is 10 for 10 in saves. Capps has had great results, despite a poor WHIP of 1.350 (it’s getting better), but Clippard has been unstoppable. Clippard has been the linchpin of this pen.

CBS released a list of the Top 200 Fantasy Baseball Team Names. Wait, “Guzmania” wasn’t on there?

Two Padres prospects acting like me and my friends when we were roommates. In other words, like idiots, but in an insanely awesome way.

The spreadsheet of a guy who plans to bet $20 on the Pirates losing.. for every single game. Reminds me again of my old roommates. One of them, a huge MD fan/Duke hater (like me), decided to bet on Duke over MD during the heart of their early 2000’s rivalry. The spread was only 3, and he figured either way he’d win. I believe Duke won by 2 points. Double Dagger.

By Charlie