In a day that started off promising, the Nationals ended up losing 11-1, pretty horrendous. They got beat in every facet of the game, and quite a few things happened that we all knew could happen, but hoped would.

  • Lannan looked bad, which is what places like BP tell us we should expect, despite the last 2 years of success
  • The bullpen and Lannan walked 9 total batters
  • Desmond booted a ball
  • Dunn went 0-3, with 2 Ks
  • An opposing player hit a grand slam

But not to worry, Nats Town, not all is lost yet. Despite the massive defeat, there is room for some hope. A few of the things that weren’t as bad

This was an embarrassing loss considering the baseball world was paying attention, but it doesn’t quite yet spell doom for the season. We knew the bullpen was iffy, let’s hope Burnett and English can both be counted on. Lannan has had his rough games in the past, he is always good at bouncing back. The offense should pick it up against pitchers not named Halladay. 161 more to go, they can still win the rest.

By Charlie