On this, the last weekday before the season begins, I wanted to link back to some of the Spring Training articles that are more a preview of the season than a rundown of the days or weeks events. If you haven’t read them yet, this should get you all fired up for Monday. If you have, well, thanks for reading them originally!

Guzman vs. Kennedy – A look at the difference in offensive value between the two.

2010 NL East Rankings: Position Players – Counting up the worth of each position player

2010 NL East Rankings: Pitchers – Doing the same for the pitchers

Quick Preview – AL – My impressions, and predictions

Quick Preview – NL – More of the same, plus my World Series winner

Anyone Need a Shortstop? – Seeing if I can come up with teams that might want a used Guzman

Enjoy the weekend, it’s supposed to be sunny and 80 locally – sounds like the perfect time to start baseball season!

By Charlie