As I have mentioned here, the loss of the baseball coverage in the Washington Times is something of a sports tragedy. Sure, it’s not real-life tragedy, but it still sucks. And it doesn’t just hurt our ability to have better Nats coverage, it also has put a few people out of work. One such peoples was Mark Zuckerman, who covered the Nats for the Times for almost a decade. He’s got his own website now, Nats Insider, and he has joined the world of bloggers. Only, unlike me, that’s his real job. He is an actual journalist who doesn’t do this thing in his spare time and expects to make enough money off of this to feed himself and possible others. You know, the opposite of me.

With all that as background, it comes as no surprise that a real journalist covering the Nats is going to try to go to Spring Training. Only since the Times fired him and the rest of the sports staff, nobody is going to pay for him to go. That where you and I come in. He still wants to go to spring training to cover the Nats, and you should want him to go, too. Assuming he gets there, he’ll ensure more Nats coverage, more Nats news, and more Nats insight. He is trying to raise the money on his own to cover it, so if you want more complete coverage, go donate.

Go to Mark’s blog page to donate.

By Charlie