Say what you want about the two big local DC newspapers, they both have great sports sections. They have strong coverage of the Nats, and well-known and well-respected writers like Boswell and Loverro spend alot of time writing about baseball. Despite what their mother-papers might do, both of their sports sections seem to be reasonable and informative.

Then there’s the  New York Post, which ran a cover yesterday that was thoroughly hilarious, mostly because I can’t believe they actually ran it. This is a REAL newspaper, with a large circulation (6th largest in the US according to wikipedia). It is a tabloid, it runs some crazy stuff, but it is well-regarded for its sports coverage. It is also well known for its covers. And yesterday’s cover was just.. insane. There’s really no other way to describe it!


I just had to wonder what the conversation was like in the Post’s editorial room. Did they go:

“What would be ridiculous to do for the World Series?”

“How about implying the opposing team are really women, or dress like women?”

“Perfect! How are we gonna do it?”

“Let’s call them the Frillies.”

“Hmmm, that’s good, do you have any photos of Ryan Howard or Chase Utley acting all, you know, girlie?”

“No, although I could look for one”

“Well, that might take some time. Could you just Photoshop one of their players together with a girl in a dress?”

“I’m on it, boss, this is NEWS!!!!”

Keep in mind that I am not criticizing the paper for doing this. If they want to put Shane Victorino in a dress, wearing the Phillies alternate uniforms, fine by me. I’m just floored by the fact that editors actually allowed this. Perhaps the Washington newspapers should take a cue from this. Any suggestions? I have a few photoshop ideas for them

  • Strasburg with a cannon for an arm
  • Zimmerman as a vacuum cleaner at 3rd base
  • Scoreboard showing the Nats winning a game

By Charlie