Not much to say, Blogger Day II has been blogged about, and pictures have been put up by many others. But I’ve got some, too. Click on any image to view it full size.

Jim Riggleman was there answering questions like we were actually members of the media


As were Collin Ballester, Garrett Mock, and Josh Willingham


The gorgeous view from the booth

View from the Booth 1

Nice shirt Mike Rizzo! He and Stan Kasten stopped by to say what’s up

Nice Shirt Rizzo

And just cause he was making a face in the last picture… a normal picture of your new GM

Mike Rizzo

Is there a more beautiful site?

Game On

Proof that Brian blogs, too

Proof of Blogging

Some sucker throwing a baseball towards Ryan Zimmerman


Don’t know who’s pitching in the next few days? Neither do the Nats. At least, if they do, they’re not telling


And a special treat in the media booth area… Shirley Povich’s hand written box score from Don Larsen’s “Perfect No-Reach Game.” Don’t worry, I didn’t use a flash

Shirley Povich Don Larsen 1

Extreme Close Up

Shirley Povich Don Larsen 2

By Charlie