What, is that too much hyperbole? Strasburg doesn’t have to win all of them, other Washington pitchers can get a few. Finally, the long Nationals nightmare is over. What’s left to say? I, and the rest of the known world, have already talked at length about Strasburg. He’s awesome. The Nats ended up paying $15.1 M, which I gotta say is less than I thought it would take. Perhaps there are shrewd negotiators in there somewhere.

A quick note before the celebration. Even though it’s a four year deal, the Nats will still control him the normal approximately 6 years.  I’m not positive about this whole thing, but I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t become a free agent after the 4th season. Anyway, full details will probably be available soon. I really thought this would happen, if you go back you can see that. But I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty darn nervous. So for now, rather do any analysis, let’s just be happy today that they got the best prospect in 20 years, if not ever.

You know what must be done:

I really do just want to celebrate:

Hell yes!

Too much? So is it too much to take August 18th off in perpetuity as a day of celebration?

Have you had enough? I have NOT!

How about one more, in tribute to the newest Washington National, and the new name I have given him, based on everyone’s expectations:

You should have seen all the songs about despair and sadness I had lined up in case they didn’t get it done… but I did have “This Is a Low” by Blur queued up, as I couldn’t think of a more appropriately titled song. Who’s buying their Strasburg jersey tomorrow?

By Charlie