One thing I didn’t mention in my last post was why Sunday at Nats stadium was disappointing to me for a few reasons. Although I did witness Stan Kasten wandering around the stadium on more than one occasion (he’s a phone-holster-in-the-belt guy), I was there to watch baseball and try out some beers. There are still a few on the list that I haven’t tasted and I was really looking forward to the chance. Too bad I couldn’t find any. I started out at the Red Porch, where you had your choice of American big time brews, and then Peroni and Leinenkugel’s Home Run Ale (I know it was a Leiney, I THINK it was the HR Ale). That’s it. I really expected more at the Nationals Park hyped-up bar section. I went with the Leinenkugel and it was good, but I really wanted some of the weird stuff. The bartender there couldn’t be less helpful telling me where I might find it, although he was very nice about trying. We finished our beers from the empty CF standing room only section and watched Hanley Ramirez launch a few into the LF stands during BP, and wandered on.

Walking on the upper concourse from the Red Porch towards the first base line, I found a beer stand. They had the same beers, so I asked where to go to find some weird beers. She directed me to go straight down, section 129. Not a beer vendor in sight there, so I asked an usher. He had no clue where I might find some microbrews, but directed me towards 136 where I found a stand selling two different beers. These were two beers not on the Sports Bog’s list of beers, so while I got to try something a little different, it still wasn’t what I was looking for. They were different though, so I got one, I’m not even sure what it was, however, it was quite tasty. If I were a real reporter I would have written it down or something, but I’m not, and I couldn’t tell you what the other beer at the stand was either. I asked no fewer than 5 bartenders and 2 ushers, and none of them had any clue where i might find some microbrews. Where are these beers that the stadium claims to be selling? Are they only for people who pay for expensive seats? One thing I am happy to mention is, despite my annoying questioning, every person who I asked was extremely friendly, had a smile, and did there best to come up with a place for me to wander off to next searching for beers. They didn’t have the right info, but at least they were real nice about it.

By Charlie