You want to hit it? Go ahead. I’m not there yet. After 3 games the Nats are 0-3. What is amazing to me right now is how impatient the fans are. Go look at some message boards. Not that people need to be content, but I just don’t get how you can still be a fan of this team if you aren’t patient enough to not go crazy after 3 games. I mean, wouldn’t those people have dropped off already? I guess not, somehow, these paradoxical fans are still around. As for the team itself, the offense doesn’t look awful but there have been some no-shows that are important. Guzman, Johnson and Dunn are hitting nicely, but for the future, you want to see Milledge and Zimmerman hitting.

The starting pitching has been awful. Cabrera was the best looking starter – with 5 ER in 6 IP. But Cabrera had 1 bad inning, after getting 2 outs. Unfortunately, lots of bad pitchers can probably say that. And the bullpen wasn’t good at all until yesterday, when they performed well. Yesterday’s game was actually exciting, and in the end Kearns hit a shot that, with 2 outs, could have tied the game if not for a great play in the field.

Anyway, here are some other notes from around the league to give you a little perspective on how funny things can look early

  • The Yankees starting pitching staff has an ERA of 14.625
  • Brandon Inge is leading the AL in HRs
  • There are 4 teams without a win – including the Yankees and the Nats
  • There are subsequently 4 teams without a loss – including Baltimore, Florida and Texas
  • Miguel Cabrera has a an MLB high OPS of 2.150
  • CC Sabathia’s K/BB ratio is 0/5
  • Albert Pujols is leading the NL in batting average… with .600

Not to say that there isn’t cause for concern for the Nats here. The three young pitchers that were the guaranteed part of the rotation all looked bad. They will have a chance to change that, but for now, all you can do is cringe and wait. What do you think?

By Charlie