It’s about time, the 40 Nats games in HD last season just weren’t enough. This year, there are more. A few months ago, I went over all the details of the Nats games in HD. The dedicated HD channel launches TOMORROW, April 1. In my neck of the woods, MASN HD will be channel 246, and Comcast subs will find it there or on 201. If you are cooler than me and have FiOS, you probably also have an iPhone and a Mac, you pretentious bastard. You’ll be watching on 577 or 578.

Apparently there are other ways to get TV as well. If you want to find the channel elsewhere, follow this link, and you’ll get to see the complete list.

And of course, if you want to see the broadcast schedule, here it is. Looks like you won’t get to see Jordan Zimmermann’s debut in HD (April 19th). Perhaps a trip out to the ballpark to see it in Real Definition is in order?

By Charlie