If you’re interested in hearing the newest addition to the Nats lineup speak, Adam Dunn appeared on the Junkies yesterday. I really enjoyed this interview. Dunn has a great sense of humor, he clearly doesn’t take himself, or baseball, too seriously. Not that he isn’t going to go out there and try his best. But he has the attitude of “I do what I do” and this may be why he’s had people out there saying he doesn’t seem to care. I get the impression that he is just a laid back sounding guy. Being laid back is not equivalent to not caring or trying. He understands that he does three things well: walk, strikeout, and hit dingers. He’s probably tried in the past to get a higher batting average, but as he said when he was asked if he tries to hit it hard or tries to hit homers “I just try to hit it, it’ll go.” So I won’t hold his relaxed personality against him, I think he’s out there trying his hardest every day. Listen to the interview, this guy is genuinely funny, and I think he’s gonna be a great personality for this clubhouse and for the fans to hear.

Some of the best quotes from the interview:

Dunn: “A banana, coffee, Ronnie Belliard… that’s all I need”

Dunn: “I might not play left, I might play, you know third. You never know, Zim might just have to take a seat…You haven’t seen me at second, dude. I turn a hell of a double play.”

EB: “Can you feel the catcher when he moves around [behind the plate] and get an idea of location based on that?”
Dunn: “Nah, just, I mean, you can hear em. Like, you can hear the fat ones.”

EB: “You never hit .363 or whatever Tony Gwynn did”
Dunn: “Tony Gwynn never hit 40” [home runs]
EB: “Ok, that’s true. That’s true but he wasn’t built like you!”
Dunn: “Well, what do you mean? He’s not… He wasn’t tall? I wasn’t short and squatty with small arms.”

Lurch: “Yeah, but, you know what? Tony Gwynn never struck out 200 times”
Dunn: “You win”

By Charlie