Football is OVER people! Wake up! Seriously this is a slow week for the Nats and baseball in general. There are lots of non-happenings to talk about, like Manny not signing, me not being surprised or caring about Roger Clemens’ needles, and everyone besides Manny also not signing. So what to tall about? It’s too early to give a lineup run-down, I’ll wait til the BP PECOTA projections are out… and possibly the lineup is further augmented? In terms of news or something like it, here is what’s going on

  • I still think there is another signing coming from the Nats. It may not help the franchise’s future, but it will help ticket sales
  • Bally’s Blog is still very entertaining
  • Speaking of that, Collin Balester has a link on his blog to donate to fighting Alzheimer’s.  It’s a little hard to see the link to donate so click here if you want to go straight to the donation site
  • Pitchers and catchers report in less than 2 weeks. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! I hope Dmitri realizes he has to lose 75 pounds in 13 days
  • Nobody is signing anyone right now because everyone’s numbers are too far off. But nobody is going to have to wait until after the draft to get signed (which would make the whole compensation pick problem moot). Hudson, Manny, Dunn, OCab, Abreu, and Sheets will all be gainfully employed before April 1st
  • Rob Dibble replaced Don Sutton as the color man for games. I liked Sutton, he knew his stuff, but he was kinda boring for non-hardcore baseball fans. I’ve never heard Dibble, but he was a Nasty Boy, so that could be alright. I’m sure he’s a little more exciting than Sutton. Then again he could be on of those guys who says stuff like “you gotta throw strikes or your not gonna get anyone out”
  • People are hating on the idea of Tom Glavine being signed, but I aint. He’s had one bad year, last year. He was very good in 2006. 2007 was ok, better than what most people are doing here. Not that it’s gonna happen, but it wouldn’t be awful
  • The 2009 TV schedule for the team isn’t out yet. Howwwwweva, MASN has said they plan on having a full time HD channel this season (coming next month). They also to expect up to 200 games in HD this year. That will probably be split about 50-50 between the O’s and Nats just like last year, when they only broadcast about 80 total games. It was kind of a rip off though, because that included the games against each other so it wasn’t even 80 games.  Anyway, they also said there will be at least game will be HD every night during the season
  • The World Baseball Classic is a month away. Baseball comes early this year
  • You never know, Shawn Hill could be awesome again, but an 83 mph fastball is not
  • Wait a minute. Dibble played for the Reds. Was this a Jim Bowden hiring?

That’s all I got for now, hopefully some real news will come over the next week. You know, something that can be analyzed. Like maybe, a free agent signing?

By Charlie