It’s a slow week for baseball this week, and the only talk in Nats-land seems to be the potential signing of Mark Teixeira. I’ll believe that several months after I see it. In non-news related news,  Collin Balester has his own blog. I am a fan of blogs, obviously, and this includes other blogs. But it is especially applicable to player’s blogs. It gives you a little peak into their lives.

Hopefully as Balester grows and becomes more comfortable pitching and blogging, he will give us some cool inside baseball info. I am looking forward to the day when he gets online and says “it’s amazing that I pitched 7 innings giving up 1 run because me and Jesus knew in the first innings that my slider wasn’t working” or something like that. Whenever I hear stuff like that I realize that if someone didn’t tell me, I could watch that game 100 times and never notice it.

Anyway, we do get some good info. He seems to be very excited about the opportunity to share info with people, and he calls himself Bally Star. Which seems good to me. He will probably be a starter next season, and I think he’s really the first of the top prospects that the Nats (not the expos) drafted who will establish himself as an effective reliever.

Also, the Arizona Fall League has a blogger for each Major League team. Leonard Davis, who tore up the Nats minor league system, was the blogger for Washington. It isn’t updating anymore, as the AFL is over, but you can get some good stories and a nice perspective of the season. He’s on the 40 man roster now, I am sure he’ll spend some time playing with the Nats next season, so this is a good place to get to know who he is.

By Charlie