The Nats have showed off their jerseys for 2009. There’s all kind of articles on what it’s all about. I recommend going to the Washington Post, where they even have a link to a very informative powerpoint. Just thought I’d give a quick preview of the jerseys for you here, as they say, after the jump.

The home jersey is going to look the same, except the sleeve patch that said it was the inaugural season for the stadium or whatever is gone. And the other sleeve will have a regular DC patch, instead of the fancy one they had last year.

Here is the new Road jersey:

road jersey

I like the script, it looks much better than the old one, and as the post point out, it is reminicent of the Senators and Montreal jersey logo. But I like it, it’s classy looking, nothing exciting, but looks alright. I like it better than the old block letter WASHINGTON on the roadies.

The alternate red jersey looks good, although they got rid of the DC that was there.


I am not sure about the white piping. They look kinda pajama-y to me. And it looks exactly like the Reds alternate jersey. Mr. Bowden may have had something to do with that. At least they have sleeves.

As Michael Keaton #3 said, “You know how when you make a copy of a copy, it’s not as sharp as… well… the original?” Yeah, the alternate to the alternate is a little… off


The pajama-y white piping returns, but is accented by the ridiculous american flag DC logo. Not happy here. I was really hoping to get a jersey this year, I was hoping the alternates would appeal to me. They do not. This jersey is awful looking, and while everyone is going to turn away from the DC logo, I believe the white piping will be an underrated part of the horror. Maybe they’ll have a cool BP jersey that I can buy.  Probably not.

Anyway, I’m gonna wait until Jordan Zimmermann comes up. Then I can get an alternate jersey with an alternate Zimmerman on it.

By Charlie