At least that’s how it has worked for the vast majority of American history right? Anyway, Nats basher Homerderby (who was right, but maybe the historically injury-plagued season contributed to the teams level of suckiness?) is having a contest on who has the best mascot in baseball. The Nats matchup is with the Padres Swinging Friar. Frankly, at first I wasn’t even sure I wanted to vote for the Presidents over the Padre. Then I remembered I wasn’t a commie-nazi, and it was my right and my duty to vote for the President(s). Also, he’s not wearing pants, which is always inappropriate even in cartoons. So faster than Emilio Bonifacio, I clicked and voted for The Racing Presidents (Washington Nationals).

Go ahead and vote, the deadline is August 8th. Maybe the Nats could end up winning SOMETHING this season.

By Charlie