A couple of things to end this last week before real games start. First of all, you may have noticed a new logo on the top. That is mostly because I have been asked, along with many other Nats bloggers, if I wanted to be mentioned on MASN’s pregame show, Nats Extra. The idea is that each day they will mention a blog or two, and what we wrote about. I think it is pretty cool that the “big media” or whatever you want to call it is acknowledging those of us who are just passionate fans writing about them for fun, and realize that we may have something to contribute. So thanks, MASN, for that. Anyway, they wanted the website’s logo to put up on TV when they talk about TNR, and I figured the old logo, with a bunch of pictures I stole from various other websites, needed to be trashed. Thanks to my computer geek friend Adrian, who does all kinds of design for a living, for helping me make my idea look much better than what I originally had.

Philly Talk

I was asked to give a preview of the Nats for a Phillies podcast. Being interviewed was definitely fun although a little weird. I answered questions accurately and to the best of my ability, and when he asked me to come up with a # of wins for the Nats this year I was kinda put on the spot. I came up with 76 or 77, which although is doable, may be a bit high. I did caveat that by saying if they could find a constant rotation. I’ll stand by my prediction if that condition is met. We’ll get Pat from Philadelphia Baseball Review to give us some input when we have some Phillies questions. In the meantime, check out my interview at the Philadelphia Baseball Review. I’m not sure if my audio is up yet, as soon as it is I’ll post a link, in the meantime you can check out site, it looks at all area teams, not just the Philies.  Addendum: The audio is up and here is the link: http://philadelphiabaseballreview.blogspot.com/2008/03/phillies-vs-nationals-gameday-331.html

Stadium Beer

I felt it was worth mentioning, despite my aversion to regurgitating other people’s stories, that the Nats WILL indeed be serving beer at their ballpark. Actually, the DC Sports Bog has a list of what the options are going to be, and I think its important for everyone to know. Some thoughts:

  1. If they are looking for a good local brew, Dogfish Head Ale has some great stuff
  2. I am looking forward to trying the locally brewed Hook and Ladder, as well as Leinenkugel Home Run Ale (if it’s anything like Brooklyn lager’s Pennant Ale ’55, another baseball-themed beer, it will be my go-to drink at the stadium).
  3. If you are paying $6.50 for a 12 oz. bottle of Corona, you… have a very different palette than me.
  4. I am excited to see what Asian beers they have. No chance they have San Miguel (from the Philippines and one of my favs) but good chance I can get the delicious and originally German-made Tsingtao, a staple of my trip to China and most of my trips to Chinese restaurants.
  5. I agree with Dan, more local brews would be fun, although I’m perfectly happy with the close to 30 brands that he has listed.

Finding the Nats

Just a reminder, if you’re looking to find the Nats, there are several places to get them. If you’re local, you can watch all the games on MASN with a handful on MY20, and MASN will be showing 40 games in HD on the MOJO network. The story’s all here. If you are local, you won’t be able to catch them on MLB.TV, but if you travel alot with a laptop, I’ve heard great things about it. Also, if you’re into the radio, you can catch every single MLB game, without blackout restrictions, on XM Radio. The nice thing about that is I believe you can login to their website and listen over your computer (hello, afternoon games at work). As for regular radio, or terrestrial radio as they say now, they’ll be on 107.7 FM and 1500 AM locally. Happy watching/listening.

By Charlie