I still find it hard to believe that we’ll get to watch the Nationals in a brand new state of the art stadium next season. You know, one where you can’t look through the floor of the upper deck down to the concourse like you’re at a high school football game. I assume HGH-popping (allegedly) former Nat Jose Guillien will be there to survey the power alleys before opening day, just to make sure they don’t have those crazy measuring errors they had when they first started playing at RFK.

Anyway, Dan Guzman of CBS channel 9 (comically, i mean comcasticly, channel 29 on my tv) was cool enough to take notice of my blog and alert me to alert readers of an online stadium tour. I normally don’t just post links, it makes me look much smarter to summarize what other people write (making sure to acknowledge their contribution) than to send a straight link. But they do a good job with lots of photos, so here you go:


One thing I love is the grey stone backstop. Trying to be unique without being ridiculous (like the center field hill in Houston) is a good thing to do. I’m also a big fan of the “Nationals” above the scoreboard. So far it is looking to be pretty cool place to play some baseball.

By Charlie