A Big Decision

Because I’m a grown ass man, and I get paid every 2 weeks so I can do stupid things with my money, I’m thinking of buying a Nats authentic jersey. It’s a big commitment, as I have a real job and don’t wear jerseys normally, it will be only used when I go to Nats Park. I won’t get more than one, so whoever I get, it better be one I’m happy to wear at all times, and someone who will definitely be with the team a while. Help me decide, here’s who I’m thinking:

  • Bryce Harper – An obvious choice, this guy is already a star and will be on the team at least through 2018. He satisfies the good player and timeline requirements, but certainly won’t be a unique jersey to have.
  • Stephen Strasburg – The other obvious one, Cy Young candidate and long term guy will also check both boxes but also be a pretty common site on the backs of my fellow wannabes in the stadium.
  • Ryan Zimmerman – The face of the franchise is probably the #3 guy in terms of popularity. But I’ve always loved third basemen and he’s such a fun player to watch, I’d have no problem sporting this. He’s also here for the long haul, my only worry is if I buy his jersey, his shoulder will immediately fall off.
  • Gio Gonzalez – He’s becoming my favorite pitcher on this team, the guy that makes Strasburg go “hey that guy’s got alot of strikeouts!” The transition to the NL has treated him well, of course another round through the NL East and repeated exposure to the same hitters could turn him into a good pitcher rather than the Cy Young candidate he looks to be right now. He’s also here for a while, but would I be buying the jersey of the third best starter? Does that matter?
  • Danny Espinosa – This one I hesitated even putting on the list. He’s one of my favorites on the team, but is he here long term? Can he hit enough to be a starting middle infielder? Is Lombardozzi going to help instigate a trade? No, I don’t think I’m ready to get an authentic Espinosa jersey, maybe just a $25 T-shirt jersey for him…
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3 thoughts on “A Big Decision

  1. Your jersey name makes a statement. Here’s the statements made by each of these names:

    – Zimmerman: you’re taking the safe path, the “face of the franchise.” You also could be cheap, knowing that Zimmerman will be here for years so your jersey never “expires.”
    – Strasburg: You’re a 2010 Nats bandwagon fan.
    – Harper: You’re a 2012 Nats bandwagon fan.
    – Espinosa: you’re related to Danny Espinosa.

    However, Gio Gonzalez makes a statement. It says that you understand who is really the best player right now on this team and who secretly makes the clubhouse tick. You’re not picking the obvious choices (any of the big 3 Harper/Stras/Zim) but you’re still picking an integral player.

    • By that logic, I shouldn’t get the Nats logo on it either. No blank jersey for me, I have no particular gripe with people wearing them, just think it looks a little less than all in

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